This Mid-Autumn Festival, Hong Kong’s ‘Queen of Confectionery’ Bonnae Gokson pays tribute to this celestial traditional with mooncakes that has a nostalgic twist from her childhood...

The classic white lotus seed paste mooncakes with egg yolk are traditional in every sense – except they not overloaded with calories!

Spoonfuls of sugar are substituted with natural maltose, which is similar to sucrose. “I’m honouring tradition and at the same time rekindling fond memories of my childhood, taking a spoonful of maltose. It’s also ideal for health-conscious people!” said Ms Gokson.

Traditional Maltose with White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake comes in mini 60g versions with quarter yolk. All mooncakes are imprinted with our signature butterfly pattern. Besides the eye catching neon colored packaging with gold foil stamping, a 3D butterfly is laid on top of each box as added detail to make it an impressive gift for this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Box of nine mini mooncakes for HK$620.


Mooncake Limited Edition For Mid-Autumn Festival.