Hong Kong style icon Bonnae Gokson opened
Ms B’s CAKERY to meet the demand sparked by her sweets at SEVVA, including the cake that first made her creations famous, the Original Caramel Crunch Cake.

At Ms B's CAKERY, every cake is a unique work of art. Exceptional flavours and textures, premium natural ingredients and creative presentation make Ms B's cakes the finest in Asia.

Integrity is paramount at Ms B’s CAKERY, where taste, texture and decoration exist in perfect harmony. It’s not enough for a cake to look extraordinary: it must taste extraordinary as well. Crunch and creaminess; sweetness and acidity; substance and appearance: all are carefully balanced before a cake leaves the kitchen at Ms B’s.

This dedication to integrity and balance is what sets Ms B’s CAKERY apart from its imitators.

For weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate celebrations or any other special occasion, from the lightest chiffon cake to the most decadent chocolate fudge creation, from sugar-free and gluten-free concoctions to extravagant celebration cakes, Ms B's CAKERY helps make your special day perfect.

The difference is in the taste. Love at first bite…