Selected Signature taster size cakes which are made from Ms B's CAKERY will be featured daily on the menu.
Ms B’s CAKERY is where cakes are unique works of art made to perfection from preparation to presentation. Exceptional flavours and texture combinations combine with extraordinary good taste and creative presentation make Ms B's cakes the crème de la crème in Hong Kong.

HK$45-HK$60 per piece

The Signature taster size cakes are very well balanced with Chocolate & Coffee flavours, Citrus flavours with Pineapple, Orange, Lemon and etc. Total 10 different taster size cakes are available for sale at Ms B’s CAKERY as well as C’est La B café dessert bar at Pacific Place:

TROPICAL Burnt Butter with Pineapple Crushes, Crisps & Vanilla Chiffon

C’EST LA B The Black & White one which is our C’est La B Café Dessert Bar Signature Style… Black Chocolate Sponge Cake with Mint Mousse and Cocoa Nibs topped with a Dark & White Chocolate.


MADAME BUTTERFLY Exotic & Intense blend of Beetroot, Pistachio & Chocolate layered Chiffon with Apricot Compote, Fresh Cream and crowned with Dark & White Chocolate and a handcrafted Sugar Butterfly.

MANGO BANANA Created with our homemade secret Mango Jam recipe, this exotic cake has fresh Mango Chunks, Mango Mousse, Banana Chiffon, Choc-covered Wafer Crisps and topped with Mango Marshmallow and a handmade sugar art Butterfly. A winner to ALL mango cake recipes in Asia!

MELTING MOMENT Delicious Strawberries & Fresh Cream layered with Vanilla Chiffon Cake and topped with a handcrafted Sugar Flower.

PARADISE Lavender Taro Chiffon Layers with a hint of Coconut Cream & Glazed Young Coconut.

BETTER THAN SEX Dark & Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake with Choc-coated Caramel Crunch and a burst of Salted Toffee Surprise.

LOLLIPOP A labour intensive Vanilla Chiffon marbling of rainbow tones with Cherries and Jelly Mousse, White Chocolate Crisps, Fresh Cream and yummy Popcorns.

SUNSHINE Lemon & Poppy Seed Chiffon filled with Tangy Lemon Curd and finished with Fresh Cream topped with a handcrafted Delicate Sugar Poppy Flower.