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Hong Kong’s most talked-about cakes, desserts and savouries…

Best of the best delicacies with a focus on healthy and fresh ingredients are created by style icon Bonnae Gokson with her personal favourites encountered on worldwide travel experience.

This precious little gem of a cafe-bar is designed for those who can relax whilst enjoying our delectable sweet treats, all day breakfast, savoury dishes, afternoon tea or late night chilling and best of all, many will be delighted to know orders can be made for their take-away home parties in that area. A hearty savoury list of Pot Pies served with Salad Greens & Baguette can also be enjoyed along as well as Rainbow Club Sandwich, Savoury Sandwich Rolls, Signature High Teas with a Difference or Butterfly Pasta with Meatballs with special teas & coffees or a refreshing glass of wine and chilled Champagne…

Having given every detail meticulous attention, Ms. Gokson has ensured that C’est La B will thrill and surprise all guests. Each specialty dish, from the sumptuous Saigon Box - Ginger Lemongrass Chicken with Cold Vietnamese Rice noodles, to the delicious OM Box – Caprese Salad of Bocconcini Basil & Sweet Tomatoes & Fragrant Scallion Vegetarian Fried Rice with Sunny-Side-Up, are set to be beautifully presented in unique and colourful bento boxes, specially imported from Japan. Each dish promises to please the palate and leave guests only wanting more!

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