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More than just Cakes…

Over 30 Signature Sweets include OMG! the best SUGAR FREE dessert cup ever with chocolate mousse, freshly whipped cream and meringue with cocoa nibs; Panna Cotta & Fairy Dust Crunch of french vanilla panna cotta with biscotti 'dusts' and caramel crunch; and Moonstruck’d, a mango mousse
with mango, pomelo chunks and chiffon that is “so yummy we had to put it in a cup”.

Along with sugarless desserts, a selection of 'potted gems' includes Double Choc A L’Orange
and Double Choc Peppermint. Gluten Free dessert is also available
- Citrus Mess of delicious lemon curd + fluffy meringue + freshly whipped cream.

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